Are you open for business on Weekends and Public Holidays?

Unfortunately, no. Our Hours of Operation are Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (except on Public Holidays).

Can the Design be emailed in any other format?

We do apologize; but no. All designs, as indicated, will only be emailed or delivered in soft-copy in a JPEG or PNG format.

May I see the design of my programmes etc before final print?

Of course; once given ample time to facilitate this. In instances where the item was submitted giving one-day delivery request, this may not always prove practical. Where possible, we ask that the Client come into our Office to view the draft, as the colour may appear slightly different according to the device you are using to view same.

What if I wish to make changes to the design later on?

Once a design is finalized/agreed on and delivered, any future changes will be considered at an additional cost. Please note that this can only be accormmodated if your design is still in our system. All designs may be deleted after one (1) year. Except in the case of ongoing business (for instance, the printing of business cards etc...)

Where are you located?

Ground Floor Tobago United Co-operative Society Limited Building (Jubillee Park) Sangsters Hill, Scarborough, Tobago (where the Bus Terminus was located)

May I have a contact number please?

Phone: 1.868.631.8659 Whatsapp: 1.868.496.9804

Frequently Asked Questions


More Questions?

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