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Typing &

Business Services

Hands on Keyboard

Willmoore's Limited offers a full range of Typing and Business Services.  Our Staff will treat your document with the strictest level of confidentiality.


We are the perfect solution to your personal and 0rganization's need for typing services.

It does not matter how small or large the document may be... Come in and talk with our Professional Staff (APS Certified) about your typing and/or business needs.

Our Typing Services start from as low as TT$15.00

Applications   -  Books  -  Curriculum Vitae  -  Letters  -  Personal Documents  -  Business Letters

Minutes  -  Methodology Documents  -  Tender Documents  -  Policy Documents

Business Plans  -  Cash Flow Projections  Tell Us What You Want; We'll Tell You if We Can

Mondays to Fridays 8:30 4:00 p.m.

Ground Floor

Tobago United Co-operative Society Building (Jubilee Park)

Sangsters Hill, Scarborough, Tobago

Phone: 1 (868) 631 - 8659

We Look Forward to Being of Service to You.

Printery Services


We also offer a wonderful array of printing services; including, but not limited to:


Booklets  -  Bookmarks

Brochures  -  Call Cards

Certificates  -  Event Tickets

Fliers  -  Invitations  -  Labels

Letterheads  -  Prayer Cards


 (funeral, wedding, graduation, etc...)


We have a number of templates that you may choose from; or we will design something based on your specific needs.

You choose how you receive your items:

Our We Design - You Print option affords you the ability to print it yourself 

(JPEG or PNG Format)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Come into our Office at Sangsters Hill to collect

_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Have the product packaged and shipped to you (additional shipping cost applies)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Visit our Product Gallery to choose from our many designs;

or call/email us regarding your specific needs.

Photocopies &

Other Services

Whether you are an Individual or;
a Small, Medium, or Large Organization,
Willmoore's Limited is here to assist with your Photocopying Needs.
We offer copying services from
as low as TT$0.50 per side for
your basic letter-size (8.5 x 11) documents.
It does not matter whether or not it is one-page or multiple pages:
feel free to come in... 
Our friendly staff awaits you!

Other related services include:

3-Rings Folders  -  Comb Binding  -  Stapling  -  Laminating

Servicing and Repairs

"If it ain't broke, do not fix it"... is not a very good approach to operating and maintaining your home or office equipment.
"Prevention is better than cure" is your best approach...
Your machines will work according to the manner in which you treat them. We advise our customers to service their machines regularly.
However, if you are not a Technician, please do not attempt to fix your broken equipment... it is highly likely that you may cause further damage to the device; or worse... you may actually injure yourself.
If the machine is malfunctioning; please give us a call...


Thinking of the many benefits of an Online Presence?
-  wider market - 
-  cost-effective advertising  -
-  global presence  -
Come in and talk with us regarding your Website Needs.
Bring in your Website Content or we develop your Content based on your Services...
Our Website Design Services start from as low as US$247.00 (TT$1,500.00)
Let's Talk
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